Technical Editing

What does a professional technical edit do for your existing documentation? For starters, a technical edit…

  • Ensures that your step-by-step procedures are logically broken down into manageable procedures
  • Ensures that your terminology meets industry standards, and is used consistently throughout all product documentation
  • Ensures that illustrations and screen-grabs are used appropriately and are placed properly to complement the text
  • Ensures that "white space" is used effectively to reduce reader eye strain and fatigue

Do your existing documents require a technical edit?

Read through your current documentation. If you can find one of the following problems in the first two pages of the document, then your document needs a professional technical edit.

  • Document headings do not accurately describe the content contained in the paragraphs under them? For example, the heading is
  •         too general to tell the reader what information is provided in the section.
  • Document headings, bulleted lists, and step-by-step intructions do not use parallel structure.
  • Bulleted lists and tables are not used correctly and consistently? For example, the document uses both bulleted lists and         tables to described product features.
  • Numbered lists and bulleted lists used incorrectly. For example, bullets are used to identify the steps in a procedure rather than         numbers, and numbers are used in lists rather than bullets.
  • Title case and sentence case used inconsistently throughout the document. For example, do your headings, table titles, and         figure titles use a mixture of upper case and lower case letters?
  • Capitalization of product names and proper nouns is inconsistent
  • Document does not provide sufficient cross-references to related material. Existing cross-references send readers to the         wrong page?

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