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What do you expect from the writing service you hire to create your technical documentation?
You want a clear, concise document that explains how to use your product. Sure, but you should ask more from your technical writer. Do you want technical documentation that is...

  • Specifically designed to facilitate learning
  • Organized into manageable, easy to understand sections and modules
  • Structured by a template that is specifically designed to suite you product, its users, and your support team
  • Easy to update with new material whenever your product changes or is up-revised
  • Contains "smart illustrations" that simplify difficult concepts and outline logical work flows

At REV Communication, we go further than producing clear, concise technical documentation. We ensure that your users learn your product quickly and efficiently, making them less dependant on your customer support team.

Tell us about your writing project, and we will return a detailed price quotation.

Is your company a high-tech startup?

Stretched financial and human resources are common realities of high-tech startups. REV Communications can help.
More than likely, the manual written for the first version of your software or technology product will define the quality of user documentation for subsequent versions of the product. Don't waste precious product development time slapping together your user documentation just to have something to throw into the box. When business picks up, you will be thinking about adding new features and finding new customers. The last thing you will have time for is cleaning up product documentation. Do it right with the product's initial release.

Let REV Communication design and write your product user documentation. To tell us about your startup, click here.

Is your company developing software?

REV Communication understands the software development cycle. We realize that milestones can't always be maintained, feature-creep sets in, last minute bugs are found, or code changes are required. We will work with you throughout the entire development process from the initial builds to the product release candidate.

Let REV Communication take care of all your technical communication needs including your technical marketing copy, website content, and product data sheets. You can then devote all of your time doing what you do best—developing great software. To find out about our technical copywriting services, click here.

Is your company a small manufacturer or service provider?

One to three page instructional sheets are cheaper than you think. If you receive customer calls regarding the assembly, installation, or operation of your product, you might need help with your instruction sheets. REV Communications will design the layout, write the content, and create the illustrations for instruction sheets. We'll create print and web PDFs at no additional charge so that the same instructions are in the box and on the web.

To find out the advantages of having REV Communication develop your marketing copy as well, click here.





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